When to Submit Your First AVON Order

When to Submit Your First AVON Order

One of the most common questions new AVON Representatives have is when to submit their first order. When you first start selling AVON it is important to know which brochure you are selling from and when that campaign ends. Each AVON campaign last about 2 weeks and there are 26 campaigns in a sales cycle. You can find the start and end dates of each AVON campaign on your AVON Campaign Calendar.

AVON Campaign Selling Calendars

When To Submit Your First Order To AVONEvery AVON Representative is assigned an RPS (Representative Processing Schedule) number. Your RPS number is used to determine which campaign calendar or mailplan you will be following. There are a total of 11 AVON Mailplans.

Your AVON Mailplan tells when each campaign starts and ends. It also tells you when you need to submit your order to AVON and when that order will be shipped to you. It is important to submit your order to AVON on time to prevent delays in shipping.



Download Your AVON Campaign Calendar

AVON Campaign Calendars 2015

Mailplan RPS 1 Mailplan RPS 2 Mailplan RPS 3 Mailplan RPS 4
Mailplan RPS 5 Mailplan RPS 6 Mailplan RPS 7 Mailplan RPS 8
Mailplan RPS 9 Mailplan RPS 10 Mailplan Trendsetter

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